Zeitfunk 2014

It’s that time of year again – time when we reflect upon the past year, tally up the licenses and listens, and give you a picture of what the action is like on PRX.org. We’ll be announcing the nominees through this week, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for announcements.

First, some stats:

During 2014
8701 unique pieces were licensed, many of those licensed more than once, with a total of 36,629 licenses..
200 new producers sold pieces
517 new series were created.
and 15,591 new pieces were published.

By Dec. 31st, 2014, PRX had:
636 active stations on PRX licensing stories.
3851 producers posting stories on PRX.
And check out our most licensed story lengths – producers, find out what’s selling!

And now for the the 2014 Zeitfunk Categories!

Most Licensed Producer, Most Licensed Group, and Most Licensed Station

Most Licensed Series | Most Licensed Story

Most Licensed Debut Producer and Most Licensed Debut Group

Station that Licensed the Most | Outside Purchaser that Licensed the Most

Most Listened-To Story

Most Licensed Producer, Group and Station by PRX Remix

PRX Staff Favorites of 2014

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