PRX to Distribute Dog Talk


PRX Furthers Mission to Reach Wider Audience, Distributes DOG TALK, a Show by Dogs

Cambridge, Mass. – PRX announced today that they are distributing Dog Talk from acclaimed producer Bailey Kalafarski. With a $600 grant from the Ivan G. and Ekaterina V. Sputnik Foundation, PRX will be able to increase listenership for this up-and-coming series, which had considered self-distribution.

Drawing from PRX’s growing catalog of over 65,000 audio works by independent producers as well as local stations, PRX has decided to invest its time and money into distributing a show by (and for) dogs. As a result of our focus on audio produced by dogs, you can now also exchange your membership points for kibble. PRX continues to build on its track record of harnessing digital media and technology to bring compelling audio stories to a wider audience. The show touches on topics such as global climate change, strange noises in hallways, and car doors and speaks to a diverse audience of collies, shepherds, and terriers.

“We’ve wanted to scratch this itch for a long time,” says CEO Jake Shapiro. “We knew changing our focus to dog audio producers might tick off some people, but we’re looking forward to seeing where Dog Talk takes us and the new audiences we reach.”

Stream the latest episode below, which discusses the impact of social media on pets’ lives. The full series is available here.