Spotlight on Kickstarter Radio Projects

In 2011, Kickstarter launched their Curated Pages feature. PRX was one of the first creative institutions chosen to feature projects that we love and we’ve seen many of those projects funded successfully. Check out our page.

There are two new projects that we’re particularly excited about.

99% Invisible, a tiny radio show about design hosted by Roman Mars has set out to fund their 4th season, and not only have they reached that goal, they’re just about to reach their second stretch goal.

There is still a lot of money to be raised in order to hire another producer (healthcare for staff was the first stretch goal, very cool) and MailChimp is putting up a challenge grant. So now is the time to pledge if you have not already. Even $1 helps.

Tiny Spark is a radio program that investigates the Business of Doing Good. Host Amy Costello has investigated organizations like Toms Shoes and medical volunteers in crisis zones. Help this indie outlet bring us more investigative stories via more frequent podcasts, new staff, and an enhanced website.

Do you have a Kickstarter project we should know about? Let us know! And if you’re thinking about doing a project of your own, check out some helpful tips we’ve compiled.