Summertime–The Living’s Easy

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So goes the old refrain by George Gershwin.

Today is the summer solstice, which marks the beginning of the warmest season of the year. With the sun a little higher and the days a little longer, we shed our inhibitions along with the weight of winter and spring garb. If spring is the season of renewal, then summer is one of rejoicing.

Summer means barbecues, festivals, and camping. It means baseball games, road trips, concerts, and amusement parks. It’s when you finally get to that novel you’ve been meaning to read. Summer is when families go on vacation (for better or for worse). Summer means flip-flops. Sometimes, it means boredom. It’s the season of first kisses—and first heartbreaks. It’s when you eat ice cream cones that melt faster than you can finish them. It’s when you take that trip overseas you’ve been planning all year. Summer means newness. It’s also the season you look back on fondly in old-ness.

That magic void between June and August often bookends the best memories of our lives. Lean your ears toward our playlist of summer stories and memories from PRX to you. Listen in the sun.