Public Radio Player, Redone and Relaunched!

We understand that ‘downloading app update alerts’ might not be on your daily to-do list. But trust us, you want this one.

Welcome to the new and improved Public Radio Player app for iPhone developed by PRX.

  • New look and interface design
  • Better audio performance
  • Easy search
  • Station news and tweets
  • Donate to stations you love most
  • Listen to program episodes without an internet connection
  • See what’s playing now on Public Radio Remix, our 24/7 stream of stories

Learn more over at our apps site. | Get the app.

Don’t see a public radio station or program in the Player that you want? Let us know.

11 thoughts on “Public Radio Player, Redone and Relaunched!”

  1. Whatever it is you’ve done, it’s not an improvement for me, because the app just doesn’t work. Period.

  2. I downloaded the new app. I’m looking to use it with airplay but don’t see the icon and I can’t figure it out.
    Help please.

  3. Barry,

    You don’t need AirPlay controls to appear in the app itself in order to use AirPlay. On an iPhone, go to your lock screen (where you see “slide to unlock”), then double tap the Home button. The iPhone audio player controls will appear, and if there’s an AirPlay enabled device in the vicinity, you’ll see the AirPlay icon, too.

    On an iPad, you can double tap from any screen, swipe right (aka scroll left), and look for the AirPlay icon.

    More info, including a picture of the icon:

    Good luck!

  4. I am also disappointed with the “upgrade” to the app. I listen on my iphone5 and if my listening is interrupted by a phone call or other application, I cannot re-start any station. Not the one I was listening to nor any other station(re-starting my phone works, but should I really have to reboot my phone in order to get an app to work properly?). There are also a number of times throughout the day where the station will buffer on and off so that the audio breaks up. It seems as if no one tested this update before it was released (please see recent reviews in the apple App Store). If you can’t fix this, is there any way to go back to the previous version? It worked so well!

  5. Hey Guys, Great work, however the updated version is prone to crashing, lag, and incomplete information unlike the previous version.

    Can you please release the previous IPA so that those proficient enough can “downgrade” back to the more stable version?

    Bugs include:
    – Crashing on load scree
    – Crashing unexpectedly
    – Missing information from programs
    – Missing favorites
    – Buffer problem even when connected to wifi

  6. been a fan of the player for a year. the new update just searches without success. ive removed it from my iphone 4. i would reload the old version but the update sucks.

  7. I loved the previous version of the app but this newest version seams to have some issues. Mainly how to enable airplay from the application is self. Although, I do see there workaround published above from Rekha.

    The other issue I noticed is the list of available stations seams to have shrunk considerably. I typically have 3 or 4 stations tagged as favorites but 2 of those stations have fallen off the list. While they are still listed on the web site, they are no longer included in the app. Will there be periodic updates to the station list or is this pretty much it?

  8. Must agree with others. App is buggy, crashes, drops out even when signal present, the ads are INCREDIBLY annoying, I don’t want to hit the play button after I select the station

    Please bring back the old app or mirror the iPad app

    I won’t upgrade again


  9. woo hoo; got the old version back by going into itunes and the old version was there. I deleted the new version and brought back the old version from iTunes.

    I now have back KCRW Eclectic 24!

  10. This app stopped working for me . When I try to listen on my iPhone 5s it just keeps trying to connect even though I have good reception on the phone (3-4 bars). I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but there was no change. Very disappointing.

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