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Fundraising pieces galore to help your station this season. Plus, Generation Putin, our special about Millennials in the post-Soviet Union, is now available for streaming distribution on SoundCloud. Get the details below.

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February 12, 2013

PRX State of the Nugent

Hi friend of PRX,

Is this the year the State of the Union jumps the shark? With Ted Nugent as an invited guest of a GOP congressman, it’s like the Grammys have merged with statecraft.

This Friday from Decode DC, Andrea Seabrook will have her clever take on this civic ritual. In the meantime, wonk out on guns, Russia, jobs, space…then grab the audio snack bowl with the Kitchen Sisters’ latest.

Cat scratch fever…

Fundraising Galore

Pieces from our Fundraising Soundbank

These fundraising versions are free to stations that take the series:

Take a look! Many more ready-to-air hour-long shows with pledge breaks and shorter pieces from other stations.

State of the What?

Andrea Seabrook’s Decode DC breaks it down

We’re lucky to have the Decode DC podcast cleverly explain the ins and outs of Beltway culture.

Watch for Andrea Seabrook’s take on the State of the Union in a segment called ‘There’s a Plan for That’ — Friday on PRX.

SoundCloud + PRX + Vladimir Putin

Say Da to Digital

We’re excited to announce that Generation Putin, our special about Millennials in the post-Soviet Union, is now available for streaming distribution on SoundCloud.

Yup, take the special with Brooke Gladstone and the Seattle Globalist — embed it, share it, listen to it, comment on it. PRX’s distinctive journalism partners with SoundCloud!

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