PRX: Fight The Squeeze!

This week: Check out Writers on a New England Stage, Bob and Ray, and The Loh Down on Science.

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February 27, 2013

PRX: Fight The Squeeze!

Hi friend of PRX,

Can you hear the squeals from the sequester threat? As stations consider doing more with less, PRX is still a bargain: we have not raised membership rates in TEN years.

A paid membership gets a station access to unlimited free (zero-point) shows plus tiers of content (check out your rate here). And, with more exclusive content and access to sure-fire hits like The Kitchen Sisters, StoryCorps, Radio Diaries and more…stations can create unique program offerings to enthrall listeners anytime.

Common sense!

Writers on a
New England Stage

Winter is a great time to catch up on reading, but how about cuddling up with some great writers? From New Hampshire Public Radio and The Music Hall in Portsmouth. Virginia Prescott hosts.

Full series

Bob and Ray
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Bob Elliott’s Birthday is March 26

Before Colbert and Stewart, a bunch of edgy comedians used absurdity to take on society, mass marketing and media.

Ray Goulding and Bob Elliott were masters. Bob’s birthday is March 26th. Celebrate with this great selection of shows from RadioArt and Larry Josephson.

The Loh Down on Science

March winds blow in a bevy of conundrums: why do beetles follow the Milky Way? How do quail mothers hide their Easter eggs? And while the cat’s away, where does she play?

Find out with The Loh Down on Science‘s daily dose of water-cooler factoids in under two minutes. New pieces for March are up.

Other Good Stuff

  • Our friends at Free Press are offering PRX members a 10% discount to attend the National Conference for Media Reform in Denver April 5-7. Enter the code “PRX-NCMR” when registering.
  • It’s coming… Zeitfunk, that is! Our annual roundup of the top selling producers and stations is near. Stay tuned to see who will win our coveted trophies.
  • Protest, paranoia and punk rock. Get our special on young people in the former Soviet Union, Generation Putin. Plus, embed it from SoundCloud!

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