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January 22, 2013

PRX all Googly

Hi friend of PRX,

Maybe you saw the guy on a NYC subway with those strange glasses. Joke’s on you! Google’s Sergey Brin was trying out those Google Glasses in plain sight.

Well, PRX is testing our IRAGlasses® right now that turn anything you see… into audio. Look at a bird, you hear a bird story. Look at the Lincoln Memorial and you hear something from the American History Guys. Look at a child and — boom — you hear the Third Coast special where budding radio dreamers become stars.

No downloading required. Just look and listen.

The future is HEAR,

Black History Month

Specials, series, and segments for Feb.

  • Does black solidarity still make sense in a supposedly post-racial era? Philosophy Talk discusses it.
  • When people think of slavery, they don’t usually think of New York. Series Then I’ll Be Free to Travel Home traces the historical arc of the long African-American battle against northern slavery.
  • Frank and Audrey Peterman want more fellow black Americans to visit national parks. Majora Carter joins them in Yosemite, where she crawls through a hundred-foot cave and meets the park’s only black park ranger.
  • In 1912, Maine evicted a mixed-race community from Malaga Island. The eviction impacted generations of island descendants and many remained silent, until now.

Much more to the right under Timely Picks

Jazz Hands

New music

  • Wynton Marsalis marks 25 years at the helm of Jazz at Lincoln Center by sitting down with Elliott Forrest, the Peabody Award-winning host and producer at WQXR/WNYC.

Includes a one-of-a-kind demonstration of Marsalis recreating the playing styles of other trumpeters like Miles Davis.

Grabs You By the Ears

Unique pieces

  • Today is the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Here is a beautifully crafted audio mosaic which avoids the usual pro-choice, pro-life dynamic by focusing on the stories of individual women (and some men).

Other Good Stuff

  • Join us for a special webinar, the PRX Upfronts, on Wed., Jan. 23 at 2 PM ET. Hear about current and upcoming specials.
  • The American History Guys were on CSPAN for a live episode before the inauguration.
  • The Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism honor coverage of disadvantaged children, youth and families. Entry deadline is March 1.

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Timely Picks

Black History Month: Hours

Black History Month: Shorter Pieces

Black History Month: Series

Mardi Gras – Feb. 12

Valentine’s Day

Exclusive Series

The Moth Radio Hour

True stories told weekly.

State of the Re:Union

Communities, experiences… life.

Sound Opinions

Rock weekly.

Snap Judgment

Fate, fights, gratitude, Snap.

American Routes

The iconic program on the music of America.

Here’s The Thing

Alec Baldwin interviews icons like no one else.

WTF with Marc Maron

The hugely popular comedy podcast goes radio.

LA Theatre Works

Contemporary radio drama.

Public Radio Remix

Are you listening yet?

PRX Podcasts

99% Invisible: A show about design with Roman Mars.
HowSound: What’s behind great radio?
Blank on Blank finds lost interviews. You listen.
Latitude News, the latest: Europeans are now wary of US horsemeat. Here’s why.

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Marsalis image by Matthew Septimus. Black History Month image from National Archives. Roe image from Shutterstock.

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