Merry PRXmas!

PRXers Matt, Jake, John, Audrey, Kerri

The eggnog was flowing, the pulled pork was delicious, and PRX friends from far and wide gathered at the Signet Society for PRXmas 2012. There was laughter and joy and giant gold scissors for the “Two Little Girls”.

In PRXmas tradition, Managing Director John Barth recited his poem to summarize the year. Enjoy the poem and happy holidays from PRX!

Welcome to all the elfs and elfettes
You look great in this holiday season
Kerri’s egg nog will help you forget
Honestly, we’re all here to drink beyond reason

Before you get snockered, a brief precis
Of the good and things we’d like to avoid
This year PRX developers almost went crazy
Trying to make Radiolab work on a Droid

But miracles were made, downloads they came
Thanks to station apps like ‘QXR and more
With pixels and clicks we don’t mean to maim
But we do make listeners’ thumbs sore

Hey! The Moth goes weekly next year
Balancing the sweet and profane
Can we say balls, breast and pap smear?
Debating that can make you insane.

We’re lucky to work with the smart and the handsome
Look at all these talented stars
From stations, to Berkman, to AIR and Transom
Latitude News…even NPR

Have all of you heard Public Radio Remix?
Roman Mars shuffles stories all night
BOTH ‘BUR and ‘GBH keep listeners transfixed
Thanks guys for saying yes and avoiding a fight

This year was not all glory of course
There was a moment where PRX almost flipped
One simple story unleashed so much force
All that traffic about sank the ship

You know the tale of two girls with their scissors
I’m not going to spoil all the fun
These two innocently caused technical fissures
And PRX’s servers were nearly undone

We’re going beyond the Cambridgian clatter
Silicon Valley might goose public radio’s corpus
Watch our new Venture powerhouse Matter
Be like Viagra for an old cranky tortoise

None of this would be possible without a vision
And the grit of our own superhero
Can we toast the guy who makes the hardest decisions
Our great friend, Jacob Shapiro

Some here might curse PRX under their breaths
We’re a demanding band, so they say
A personal thanks to those we worked nearly to death
Mr. Allison, John, Catie and designer Jay

Thank you for, tonight, slowing down the fast pace
Being here, working with us, and caring
No matter the pressures, our friends we embrace
We’re building a new world with our daring.

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