Raising Remix Rates

Good news for all PRX producers opting in for Remix!

Now that Public Radio Remix is on 10 stations (analog broadcast stations and HD in addition to XM 123), PRX is boosting acquisition rates for pieces on Remix to $45/hour  – a 50% increase from the previous rate. This represents our commitment to raising rates as the reach of Remix grows. The increased rates went into effect in September.

Remix is still an emerging service, and as it reaches more significant and measurable audiences we anticipate increased revenue from sponsorship, stations fees, and grants to help us cover costs and continue to raise rates for producers who choose to participate.

In the meantime, we’re getting great response from listeners and an enthusiastic embrace from a growing number of stations – now including WBUR and WGBH here in Boston.

Public Radio Remix is making a difference. It’s a format that makes it easy for forward-listening stations to say yes to the work of many indie producers. And, it is a sound that stretches public radio: the DNA is obvious, but it takes a shuffle culture and marries it with the storytelling revolution we’re all supporting.

We’re open to your ideas about how to improve and expand Remix, and if you’d like to get Remix on your station, contact us.

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