PRX: Go to the Light

Boo! Get a Halloweenie or two. Plus picks for Hispanic Heritage Month and American Graduate Day after the jump.

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September 18, 2012

PRX: Go to the Light

Hi friend of PRX,

“Never leave well enough alone”
-industrial and graphic designer Raymond Loewy

We spent the last week with public radio programmers, struggling to attract and hold public radio listeners. Sometimes the magic is right in front of us. PRX makes it easy for the innovators, the creators, the artists and the boundary-pushers to delight a new audience.

Tomorrow, the Third Coast Festival reveals its 2012 winners. We cannot wait to hear from those who will not leave well enough alone!


Great Radio


This Saturday is American Graduate Day, part of the CPB initiative, and it’s a good time to air Left Behind, Dropping Out.

The special is hosted by Andrea Seabrook and is free to every station.

Snap Judgment has a fun piece about teachers and school as part of our free playlist for American Graduate.

Join us for a webinar Sept. 19 at 3 EST to learn about this content and how to use it.

Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin from WNYC is on PRX! Five episodes are coming; start with Alec’s conversations with Billy Joel, Kristen Wiig, and Dick Cavett.


Get a Halloweenie or two

  • This creepy-pantry piece aired on The Story earlier this year and PRX commenters love it, too.

Like candy! Many more picks here

Hispanic Heritage Month

Sept. 15-Oct. 15

More for Hispanic Heritage Month

Other Good Stuff

  • Our youth radio project’s website got a makeover! Check out the shiny Generation PRX.
  • Have your phone on you? Snap Judgment has an easy way to support the show. Send a text message containing SNAP to 20222 to make an instant $10 donation.
  • Third Coast Conference! Get ready. Listenin’. Producin’. Dancin’. Minglin’…then look for the annual broadcast special Best of the Best.
  • Hey PUNK: 1977 special coming soon from Sound Opinions.

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Timely Picks

High Holy Days

Hispanic Heritage Month


Exclusive Weeklies

The Moth Radio Hour

Fall 2012 stories are HERE. Air window opens Sept. 28.

Sound Opinions

Rock weekly.

State of the Re:Union

Bringing communities together.

Snap Judgment

Fate, fights, gratitude, Snap.

American Routes

The iconic program on the music of America.

WTF with Marc Maron

Behind the humor.

How to Do Everything

Half advice show, half survival guide.

LA Theatre Works

Contemporary radio drama.

Vinyl Cafe

Stories about the world’s smallest record store.

Moyers & Company

Weekly insight into issues that matter.

America’s Test Kitchen

No-nonsense food and dining.

Public Radio Remix

Are you listening yet?

PRX Podcasts

99% Invisible: A show about design with Roman Mars.
HowSound: What’s behind great radio?
Blank on Blank finds lost interviews. You listen.
Latitude News: Where local meets global.

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Lightbulb image from here. Halloween image from cobalt. Hispanic Heritage image from Somewhat Frank.

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