The return of the stats…

Producers and stations may have noticed the MyPRX graph of listens, views, and purchases was blank recently. The wait is over! MyPRX stats are making their return and you will see your graph start to fill in chronologically this week. It won’t all happen right away… you’ll see them roll in from late June forward, like a journey through time (yes we are excited)!

Bringing stats back was no small feat. Our small tech team has worked hard (understatement) to gather the stats and display them on your graphs. The reason they were gone so long? We got over a year’s worth of site traffic in two days due to a viral piece.

Now, why does a viral piece affect everyone on PRX? When visitors come to a website, a record of how many people visited is made AND what they did while they were here. Each of those views, listens, and purchases on your graph is an action stored in our ol’ database. We got what accounts to 200,000 people showing up to your studio apartment for a dinner party when you were expecting 5. You would probably still be cleaning up, too!

Thanks for your patience, all. Please give the graph some time to fill in through the next couple of weeks as we work through any final hiccups.

2 thoughts on “The return of the stats…”

  1. Kudos to the technical team at PRX, who on top of keeping a very busy website humming, had to recover from the digital equivalent of a hurricane.
    The statistics are a very important measure of how a piece resonates with listeners in cyberspace and I think I speak on behalf of most Producers when I say: Andrew, Matt, Robert, Rebecca, Chris R. and Chris K. you are awesome!

  2. Just wanted to echo Charles’ comments. Any time we’ve had to work with them directly for anything, they’ve been professional, extraordinarily helpful, and great to work with. Thanks to all.

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