Science Friday Joins the iTunes Party

Imagine you threw a party, and Carl Sagan, Michael Pollan, Ray Kurzweil, Jane Goodall, and Oliver Sacks all showed up. Awesome, right? That’s how we’re feeling about the latest addition to PRX’s catalog on iTunes: Science Friday.

For more than 20 years, host Ira Flatow has led discussions and interviews with science’s leading thinkers and doers. These conversations are the kind worth returning to years later.

As a record label for iTunes, PRX sends audio content from This American Life, Car Talk, The Moth, and dozens of independent producers to iTunes for sale in the iTunes Store. We are only too happy to have Science Friday join the party with its enticing archive in tow.

Check out the full Science Friday catalog on iTunes.

One thought on “Science Friday Joins the iTunes Party”

  1. Regarding Fri 12/28 show- “Test Kitchen”- do egg whites act differently at high altitudes? If so, any suggestions to get those egg whites stiff? Thanks!

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