PRX Gives PubMedia Projects a Kick

PRX is happy to announce our new curated page on Kickstarter. In case you haven’t heard, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to donate to all kinds of projects to help them reach funding goals. It is hugely popular, and it works โ€” 11,863 projects were funded in 2011.

Having a curated page means we can feature projects that we like and want to help promote. Curated pages like ours are then featured by Kickstarter.

A few public media groups have used Kickstarter to fund projects (many of which are on our page), and we think there is great potential here for more.

Which brings us to Blank on Blank, a new media nonprofit, podcast, and radio program that just launched their own Kickstarter project. When journalists conduct interviews, they often record them, but most of what they record isn’t used and ends up sitting in drawers on tapes, never being heard. Blank on Blank wants to change that by asking journalists to submit raw audio, which Blank on Blank will turn into podcasts and radio programs for us to hear and enjoy.

Blank on Blank has helped share unexpected audio clips like Tim Gunn on his FBI agent father, Ellen on her comedy start in New Orleans, and many others. Their Kickstarter project is to bring in 30 new “lost” interviews in 30 days and fund turning those into new Blank on Blank episodes.

Please help get the word out, support their Kickstarter project, and, if you’re a journalist, submit your tape! As public radio listeners know, audio is special — the feeling behind the voice, the portability, the ease of sharing it — all make it worth archiving.

If you’re in public media and thinking about doing a Kickstarter project, please let us know! PRX is looking to help promote (on our curated page and otherwise), distribute, and possibly fund projects on a case-by-case basis.

And, while we’ve got you… there are definitely right and wrong ways to conduct a Kickstarter project. We’ve written up an FAQ page about our Kickstarter presence that also includes tips and articles for making the best Kickstarter project possible.

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