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Audrey posted on Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 | PRX

Hello Spotify users! The KCRW Music Mine app that we developed last year for the iPad is now a Spotify app, making it the first public media app on the Spotify platform.

PRX’s Matt MacDonald wrote about the project over on the PRX Apps blog:

Last fall, the popular music-streaming service Spotify announced that they were creating a platform for developers and music-focused companies to create apps that would be available in their desktop music software. Basically it’s the ability to have an app inside of an app — in our case Music Mine inside of Spotify.

If you use Spotify, click here and the app will automatically install for you. Enjoy!

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[...] You can air the pieces above on your station… and now you can get KCRW DJ picks to listen to while you work! KCRW’s PRX-built Music Mine app is now on streaming music service Spotify. [...]

[...] Are you a spotify user? You’re in luck. Get the KCRW Music Mine Spotify app and discover troves of new music, thoughtfully curated by KCRW DJs. [...]

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