Monthly Update: Business Camp, 7 & 7s and…portals?

While our fearless leader was away at “Business Camp” for most of May, we had a HUGE party without him.

Just kidding.

By huge party I really mean we launched new content, attended conferences, hosted webinars and much more.

  • We’d like to give another big welcome to Blank on Blank, now distributed by PRX. Producer and host David Gerlach brings the forgotten interviews of journalists back to life and produced for public radio.
  • Thanks to the folks at This American Life, PRXers got the chance to go see the TAL Live performance. If you missed it at your local theater, shame on you! There was Ira, of course. Plus animation, dancing, live-storytelling from Glynn Washington of Snap Judgment, and David Sedaris in clown make-up. ‘Nuff said.
  • The 2012 Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition is open for submissions. Have you submitted your piece yet? If so, we want to hear it! Post your piece on PRX and let us know about it.
  • John Barth says, “NON-COMM Nom Nom” about his visit to WXPN in Philly for this years NON-COMMvention, the AAA Music Industry Convention. Pundits yelled, bands played. Read more in his blog post.
  • There was also some more traveling done as Jake took the bus over the river from Harvard Square to Harvard Business School for a three week Owner/President Management Program. Go Jake! Don’t worry though, he’s back and he’s not wearing suits…yet!
  • The first ever “PRX 7 & 7” webinars — our version of the upfronts — were held. They go like this: 7 producers get 7 minutes each to pitch their show to station staff, with station staff having the chance to ask them any questions. This was FUN so stay tuned for more 7 & 7s in the future.
  • Oh! We also built a time/space travel portal. Here’s a pic of PRX doggy Bailey utilizing it.

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