PRX: A Bit Less Wild

This week we’re featuring several pieces about the hard choices we face as family members age or become ill. Plus, new series and specials coming soon and picks for Pride Month in June.

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May 8, 2012

PRX: A Bit Less Wild

Hi friend of PRX,

We are mourning Maurice Sendak, who matched fierce creativity with a disdain for the treacly and cloying. Like a good journalist, he aimed for the truth of something in all its messy craziness, not the icky nostalgia that everyone knew not to be true.

PRX likes true things — human stories from The Moth Radio Hour, Snap Judgment, and State of the Re:Union. The Truth that emerges in fiction or in performance.

And really good factual stories, where the real wild things are.


Life Changes

Hard choices with age and health

  • Because of laws against assisted death, some families are taking it into their own hands. Hear from a family that did and opponents of assisted death in this new doc.

Series and Specials

Available now, plus coming soon

WTF with Marc Maron is back. Six new shows, cleaned up for broadcast but still provocative, insightful, funny, human.

Guests include comedians Amy Poehler, Norm Macdonald, Dave Foley, George Carlin’s ‘spouse without papers’ Sally Wade, and more. Add the 10 shows from last season and you have one late-night summer hit!

Also New This Week or Coming Soon:

  • Go for It, in time for the Olympics: The story of young women literally fighting to be part of women’s boxing and their push for the gold. From WNYC, PRX, & producers Sue Jaye Johnson & Marianne McCune.
  • Blank on Blank is a new cutting-room-floor story segment coming May 11.
  • Spring for Music is on PRX with a new concert from Carnegie Hall added every day this week. Up first: The Houston Symphony.
  • Backstory with the American History Guys is back as a weekly series. Start with Born in the USA. Air window opens May 11.
  • American Routes presents a Woody Guthrie special coming June 27. Hear a preview.

Rainbow Radio

Plan ahead: June is Pride Month

More for Pride Month

Other Good Stuff

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Timely Picks

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month – May

Mother’s Day

Memorial Day

Pride Month – June

Bullying Stories

Climate Change

Exclusive Weeklies

The Moth Radio Hour

Season 6 is here. Air window opens May 25.

Sound Opinions

Rock weekly. Or get 1967, for all stations.

State of the Re:Union

New episodes are here. More coming.

How to Do Everything

Half advice show, half survival guide.

American Routes

The iconic program on the music of America.

Snap Judgment

Fate, fights, gratitude, Snap.

LA Theatre Works

Contemporary radio drama.

Vinyl Cafe

Stories about the world’s smallest record store.

Moyers & Company

Weekly insight into issues that matter.

America’s Test Kitchen

A no-nonsense approach to food and dining.

Help fund local journalism that matters.

Public Radio Remix

Are you listening yet?

PRX Podcasts

99% Invisible: A show about design with Roman Mars.
HowSound: The backstory behind great radio.
YouthCast: The next generation of sound.

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