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PRX is busy as ever with lots of new developments in the works for the spring and summer. New content, new apps, and lots of planning for the Public Media Accelerator. We kicked off April with a staff outing to see The Moth live at the Somerville theater. We listened, we after-partied, we bowled. We work hard at PRX but we also know how to have a lot of fun.

  • WBUR presented an evening of “True Stories Told Live” by the main stage of The Moth. The stories were captivating, emotional and hilarious. It was great to see our friends from The Moth and witness the magic they make happen on stage and on air time and again. Get excited because previews for The Moth Radio Hour Spring 2012 Season are now up on PRX.
  • PRX teamed up with FRONTLINE and organized a hackathon to investigate innovative ways to marry technology and storytelling. The group created working prototypes that they demoed at the end of the session. Here’s PRX Developer Chris Rhoden’s blog post about the project he worked on. Also, check out FRONTLINE’s Andrew Golis’ interview with AIR about the hackathon and producer/developer relationships.
  • Our developers are not only creating amazing apps and tools for public media, they’re blogging, too. Check out Lead Developer Rebecca Nesson’s blog post on PRX Labs about “Hacking Open Educational Resources” at the Berkman Center.

  • Speaking of visitors, there was an epic whirlwind of meetings, presentations, conversations and Tweetups while Public Media Accelerator Director Corey Ford was in town. Got questions or ideas for the Public Media Accelerator? Be in touch. Want more insight from Corey? Check out this Storify of Corey’s host night on #wjchat, a weekly Twitter discussion for web journalists.

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  1. Any chance we could get a hint of what’s in the monthly update in the title? Like “PRX Monthly Update: True Stories Told Live”? It’s my 100% lazy way of knowing whether I should click on the monthly update link in my RSS feed. 🙂

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