PRX Ends Nuke Work

A journey back to 1967 (for free!), fresh Moth storytelling, and award-winning pubradio after the jump.

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April 10, 2012

PRX Ends Nuke Work

Hi friend of PRX,

It took some doing. A few calls from the president. But PRX has reluctantly agreed to stop work on a nuclear fuel processing facility near a Dunkin’ Donuts in Harvard Square. “The crullers were glowing,” said PRX’s Jake Shapiro. “That and CPB won’t fund it anyway.”

PRX has refused to stop work on a parallel project called the Accelerator. “We have nothing to hide from the inspectors,” said Shapiro.


1967 with Sound Opinions

Free to all stations

1967, the year…
Recording studios changed the way music was created.
The album changed the way music is heard.
The festival remade the way music is celebrated live.
Pop music became big business.

Sound Opinions explores landmark releases by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Love, and the Velvet Underground in the new special available free to all member stations (even if you don’t get the show weekly): 1967: Rock and Roll Comes of Age.

The Moth is Back

Fresh storytelling for spring

Wait no longer: Two episodes of the Spring 2012 Season of The Moth Radio Hour are ready for preview and three more are coming soon. The air window for all five new episodes opens May 25.

Don’t miss the best true stories told live.

Also available to stations taking the spring season: five Moth fundraising segments.


Public radio collects some trophies

The National Headliner Awards and Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Awards came out this week. Congrats to all pubradio winners, including these on PRX:

More award winners on PRX:

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