PRX Listening Goes Mobile

We’re very excited to introduce the new PRX HTML5 audio player which makes it possible to listen to on most mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Now, you can listen to PRX pieces while driving, walking your dog, eating outside on your lunch break, and all of the many places you go with your mobile device. You’ll notice it has a cool new look to match its cool new capabilities.

Here’s an example of the embeddable player:

The new player is on every piece page and popup player (check it out here); plus, any embeddable audio players (like the one above) you embedded in the past are now replaced with this new player, and any future embeds will be the new player. You can now listen to PRX pieces on the go, and pages will load faster as well.

Which reminds us — have you taken advantage of PRX’s open streaming, which makes it easier to share pieces? Embeddable audio players are available to all. You can embed PRX pieces on your website or blog, or post a full piece on Facebook using their player, or email piece links to friends and they will be able to listen without logging in.

Have questions or issues with the new HTML5 player? Check out the FAQ or contact us at the Help Desk.

Want to know how we made this happen? Player developer Farski shares the process in Out With the Flash, In With the Flashy on PRX’s tech blog, PRX Labs.