News for Producers: Embedding and Zeitfunk

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Sync: February 2012

Hi producers,

PRX’s mission is to use technology to get your best work to millions of listeners. We made a big change that will help do just that: ALL pieces on can now be embedded, whether you have a paid account or not. Post your work; embed and share it almost anywhere. Juicy details below.

Plus, don’t miss the Zeitfunk Awards, our list of the most licensed pieces and producers of 2011. Wait ’til you see how many pieces were sold last year.

Keep up your amazing work!

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Embedding for All

Share your pieces with the world!

You don’t need to have a paid PRX account or even have to log in to share work on

Embeddable players are now available to ALL PRX producers, and complete streams of all NEW pieces posted to PRX will now be open for people to listen to without logging in. The Facebook player will also play the full piece rather than 30 seconds.

We know embedding works: Almost all of the most listened to pieces of 2011 were open for embedding and were shared on websites.

See the embeddable player in action on a producer’s website, HuffPo, and Remix.

You’re still in control: Embedding, Facebook streaming, and non-logged-in listening are all part of what we call Open Streaming, which you can turn on or off per piece. Here’s how:

Allow Open Streaming | How to Share | In Our Blog

Top of the Charts

The Zeitfunk Awards for 2011 are here!

They show the Most Licensed Producer, Most Listened-to Piece, which stations bought the most, and more — think of them as the PRX Oscars.

Plus, we love helpful stats! Some highlights:

  • 8,000 individual pieces were licensed; many of those more than once. The total number of licenses was 17,488 (that’s 4,062 more than 2010).
  • 437 individual producers and 176 groups sold pieces on PRX in 2011
  • 185 producers sold pieces for the first time!
  • Hour-long programs continue to be the best sellers at 9,664 licenses last year.
  • In second place, pieces under 5 min. sold 3,184 times.

See all the stats, new categories (like Most Embedded), and fun stuff at the Zeitfunk Awards.

More News

Remember the purchasers

Not just a home for terrestrial stations, PRX has “Outside Purchasers” — internet radio, national shows, podcasts, and more — that license pieces with your permission.

Opt-in and let OPs buy your pieces.

Speaking of Public Radio Remix…

The 24/7 channel of pieces from PRX is now on KALW/San Francisco, KUNM/Albuquerque, and WFPL/Louisville.

See all the stations and ways you can hear Remix.

New opportunity for U.S. doc producers

The BBC World Service is looking for documentaries that will show their global audience an America they didn’t know existed. Ideas are due March 2. Get the details.