Why Public Media Needs an Accelerator

PRX has been busy gearing up for the launch of the Public Media Accelerator to take place at SXSW in March. The project is run by PRX and supported by a $2.5 million dollar investment from the Knight Foundation.


As we approach the launch, we’re already getting questions from people across media and technology. What is an accelerator and what role will it play for public media?

I address some of these questions in a new post today on the MediaShift Idea Lab blog.

It’s clear that public media needs its own accelerator — attuned to the needs and assets of the industry and connected to the talent and energy in the broader technology and media world… [O]ur measure of success is not profits and exits per se — it’s furthering the values and impact of public service media, with sustainability and revenue being critical to create a lasting effect.

Read the full post, “Why PRX, Knight Created an Accelerator for Public Media” over at the MediaShift Idea Lab blog.

Learn more and sign up for updates at http://publicmediax.org.

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