Welcome Laitan

Laitan Oladipo approached PRX about helping out during her winter break. We think that’s a great use of free time, and we are glad to have benefited as well. Thanks, Laitan!

Hi, there! My name is Laitan Oladipo and I am currently a sophomore at Brown University studying Modern Culture and Media. Thus far, I’ve spent my time at school pursuing courses that have allowed me to be creative and innovative. I have a widespread interest in media but, more specifically, I love art and everything artistic. I love to sing, write, paint and do anything that encourages cultural appreciation/self-reflection/participation.

I got involved with PRX through Rekha, a fellow Brunonian, and am so happy that I had the opportunity to get to work with her. I wanted to pick her brain as to everything media and she really gave me a lot to think about. My experience with public radio has always been rather on the surface—it was something I would listen to in the car driving to and from school—but after spending a full day at the Public Radio Exchange, I can truly say that this community is cultivating a digital art form. What I mean is that PRX’s method is against the grain in a way that is relevant, much like unconventional art.

I’ve always believed art is dependent on its emotional semblance and connection with the viewer. Art is relevant when the viewer feels and therefore cannot forget. Art is the inexperienced, still waiting to be made and discovered. What immediately resonated with me after leaving the Exchange on day one was that, much like art, PRX serves as an outlet for many diverse voices, stories, and opinions.

For the time being I will be working on a small project with Jones at Generation PRX. I am excited to learn more about public radio and hopefully expand my definition of the medium.

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