One Hello World: The album

One Hello World is the kind of audio project for which Remix was built. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love playing great public radio stories (old and new) and giving them the attention they deserve, but there’s something special about finding something completely new, that was never meant for public radio, and putting it on the air.

If you’re a regular listener to Remix, you’ve heard One Hello World, but in case you don’t know, the project invites regular people from all over the country to call 316-247-0421 and share their intimate thoughts and experiences. One Hello World then composes a soundtrack to the voicemail and posts it on a tumblr for the world to hear. It’s a true open line of communication that is supportive in an extremely creative and inventive way. The musical score works to amplify the caller’s personal perspective and present it in a forum that is free from judgment. I find the whole project quite remarkable.

Recently, the One Hello World maestro has revealed himself and he’s releasing the best of OHW as an album. He’s funding it through Kickstarter. Here’s his pitch:

Plus, One Hello World just sent me the entire catalog of songs! Stay tuned for new tracks on Remix.

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