The PRX Monthly Update

Happy November! Winter is coming in like a lion and we’re trying (and failing) to successfully adjust our thermostat to the perfect temperature in our new office. Did we tell you we moved? Well, we moved! This is our 6th? 8th? Maybe even 20th office in Harvard Square, but we’ve finally settled in where the view is fine and the pizza is delicious.

We’ve also done other stuff, too (other than eat pizza). We went on a staff retreat! Here’s a picture of ALL of us in the woods.

We came together from near and far to Essex, MA where we spent a day and a half reflecting, brainstorming and just plain hanging/board gaming out.

Speaking of boards, last week we were pleased to have our Board of Directors in town for a very successful and inspiring meeting of the minds. We’ve got lots of exciting plans ahead, so stay tuned!

Finally, the apps! How could I forget? Our developers are like Santa’s Workshop for the iTunes App Store over here. In the past few weeks they’ve created KCRW Music Mine, and station apps for WNYC, Vermont Public Radio, KQED, and WQXR. We’ve got a few Android apps coming soon, too! Download them. Love them.

Well, that’s all for now. But check back here for PRX Monthly Updates (better title to come) about all things PRX, and if you’re a producer or station member in the area, don’t hesitate to stop in and say hello—we’ve got a giant bin of Twizzlers with your name on it!

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