Sync: Third Coast, Tips, and Jay Wisdom

The latest news from the PRX Factory, plus winning Third Coast Festival pieces.

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Sync: September 2011

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Producer News

Third Coastin’

Congrats to the newest Third Coast Festival winners, whose provocative pieces will be featured in the Best of the Best special coming Nov. 17.

Three of this year’s winning pieces are already on PRX. Listen now (and find past winners here):

The Sleeping Fool
The Wisdom of Jay Thunderbolt from Love + Radio
Five Percent
The Five Percent Rule from Sally Herships
(Radio Impact Award)
Sam's Story
Kohn from Andy Mills
(Best New Artist)

The Tao of Jay

Jay Allison’s benediction at the annual PRPD conference in Sept. — attended by hundreds of station staff and many producers — was eloquent, inspiring, and had important messages for stations about bringing them together with indies. Here are some excerpts (listen to the whole thing here or read the transcript):

“John Barth of PRX tells me when he talks to stations about great new content he hears back, ‘Well, we’re not going to pay for anything.’ …excuse me? Is content not the most important thing to pay for?…Especially in a financial crisis? Isn’t that all our listeners really care about?”

“We can make time to try new things…There are lots of stations making this happen in all different ways…It gives producers hope to have the knowledge that their work, if it’s good enough, will find an audience, because enough stations are giving it a chance.”

From the PRX Factory

Stats Galore

You may already use your stats in your My PRX account info, but, how would you like more detail?

PRX is developing an all-new stats page. You’ll be able to see views, listens, and purchases by piece and by account (yourself, your producer group, or your station, if you work at one).

Plus, you’ll be able to see what sort of PRX member (station staff, other producer, listener) viewed your stuff and where they’re located.

What else has been going on at PRX? See our new monthly update!


Last chance for Localore!

More stations are pitching their appeal to AIR’s Localore Station Runway. See which may be the right fit for you and get your application in by Nov. 10.

Localore will provide more than $1 million to 10 producers, who will partner with stations to create projects that transform public media.

And, check out the new partnership between Localore and Zeega (an open-source HTML5 platform for creating interactive documentaries).