PRX: Outta Here

What you need to know about PRX’s move. Plus, we have worked with stations and producers to bring you some incredible exclusive documentaries for 9/11.

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August 30, 2011

PRX: Outta Here

Hi friend of PRX,

There are reports the astronauts might abandon the space station because of ‘supply shortages.’ NOT TRUE! It turns out PRX is moving offices next week and, we can’t spill the beans, but let’s just say our new digs have a much improved view.

Our displacement is nothing compared with what thousands of families face in the wake of Hurricane Irene and other calamities:

Hear from two families forced from their homes by high-end redevelopment. Homeless man Crazy John talks with Carmen Delzell. Powerful: an unemployed and displaced family living on the beach.

How do you unpack in zero-G?

P.S. We may not have any phones on Sept. 6, so if you need our help desk, email

Sonic Memorial Plus 10

From the Kitchen Sisters

The Sonic Memorial Project from The Kitchen Sisters is an iconic remembrance of the Word Trade Center and all that was lost. PRX and NPR are jointly distributing an updated version.

You’ll hear archival audio from listeners about the Towers and the lower Manhattan neighborhood plus poignant recordings by those who died. Narrator and writer Paul Auster presents a fresh essay to close the special.

Plus, exclusively from PRX:

  • Living Nine Eleven from WNYC: How the attacks changed the lives of kids, adults and survivors in the last 10 years in an evocative, sound-rich hour.
  • All Available Boats: Producer David Tarnow presents a verite’ portrait of the brave boat crews who evacuated thousands of people from the panic of lower Manhattan. An historic event never before chronicled.
  • We Were on Duty from Richard Paul is a powerful tale of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon from survivors, witnesses and others. He captures the horror of that day in this classic from 2002.

And, new this week for 9/11:

More curated selections from the PRX 9/11 Playlist

Labor Day

Get your last-minute picks here

See even more options on this playlist.

Back to School

American RadioWorks on education

The award-winning American RadioWorks team is out with a new documentary series especially timed for the start of a new school year. Focus on Education explores provocative questions from pre-school to college. Each program is an hour long with a news hole:


  • Public media powerhouse WGBH has an iPhone app, made by us. Get it now!
  • Congrats to our buds at Sound Opinions for producing 300 shows. They are still standing! From PRX and WBEZ. Works on news AND music stations.
  • Mark your calendars for PRPD:
    Nick Spitzer and American Routes will kick things off. Want the show? Talk to PRX!
    Jim and Greg from Sound Opinions will be there later in the week. And PRX crew will definitely be spicing things up.

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Original space image by NASA. Labor Day image by rev_bri. Graduation image by Emily Hanford.

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One thought on “PRX: Outta Here”

  1. Hi, I am always surprised and happy to hear myself on PRX. Since I live in Mexico all I have keeping me in touch with the US is my XM radio. Once I prayed to get back on the radio and turned it on at 3 am to hear myself talking to Crazy John. Thanks. PS I am applying for a PRX grant. Today in Jaipur it’s already the fifteenth ( deadline). But lucky for me it’s still the fourteen over there. Hope I get one!

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