PRX Purchases Hit a New High

While you can always check the live feed of PRX’s recently added and recently bought pieces, we tally up all the numbers quarterly to pay out royalties for PRX distribution.

It’s always exciting for us to track PRX’s growth quarter-by-quarter since we first launched back in the fall of 2003 (!).

Q2 2011 is our biggest yet, led by a record number of pieces purchased by stations, 4,363 (35% growth over Q2 2010). Over the coming weeks we’ll be sending out over $70,000 in royalty checks to producers and stations across the country for this quarter’s activity.

Pieces Added:          2,686
Pieces Purchased:  4,363
Total Hours:            3,321

PRX Q2 2011
PRX Q2 2011

3 thoughts on “PRX Purchases Hit a New High”

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  2. Congrats! I’d love to know if you have any stats on the types and lengths of pieces that have been bought, as well as whether some topics are more popular than others. Also, how much “repeat business” is there (meaning stations buying from producers they’ve bought from before)? Thanks!

  3. Hi,

    Have we got the thing for you! Head here:

    That link is to our Zeitfunk Awards, which cover the most popular pieces, producers, piece lengths, and other useful stats.

    Regarding repeat business, it definitely does exist, although I don’t have stats for you on that. We always encourage producers, when they have new pieces up, to message stations that have licensed pieces from them before. You can write to a station on PRX via their profile.

    For more good producer resources, head here and check out the links on the sidebar:

    Hope that helps!

    PRX Member Support & Editorial

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