Same Great Taste

Our 24/7 stream of juicy good storytelling — formerly known as REMIX Radio and formerly broadcast on XM 136 — underwent a few changes last week.

New Satellite Channel: 123

The first thing to know is that our XM channel has changed to XM 123. Not bad numbers, right?

We’re not the only ones with a new channel.  After Sirius and XM merged in 2008, SiriusXM has finally remapped their channel lineup to integrate stations from both networks into a single program schedule. It all went down last week.

New Name: Public Radio Remix

To go along with our shiny new SiriusXM Channel, PRX is also announcing a new name for our 24/7 stream of public radio goodness: Public Radio Remix. We liked our old name, REMIX Radio, but rather than eschew our public radio heritage, we want to embrace it. We are Public Radio Remix, public radio that sounds and feels decidedly different, but is still very much, public radio. Public radio rocks.

Although our blog has moved here and our XM station is now parked at XM 123, we are still streaming from the same place online and broadcasting on the air in Spokane, WA on KPBZ. Not listening yet? Click that orange player.

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  1. As an avid fan of PRX on XM, I just bought a new vehicle only to discover that the included Sirius radio doesn’t have a PRX channel!! Is that going to change any time in the near future? I may begin going through withdrawals! Keep up the great radio!!

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