Rejoice! Embedding and Sharing Are Here

Say hello to the new PRX embeddable audio player. It was launched today along with sharing options for social media which allow both producers and listeners to share full-length playable PRX pieces on Facebook.

Learn more about sharing.


Try the new embeddable audio player:

See how it looks on Facebook – ready to play:


We’re also offering short URLs for sharing on Twitter and elsewhere.

The embeddable audio player can only be enabled for pieces on paid PRX accounts. All producers should update piece permissions in order to get started embedding the PRX player and sharing pieces on Facebook.

Learn more about sharing.

This has been in the works for many months and entailed all kinds of changes behind the scenes. We’re eager for your feedback and suggestions for ways to improve the embedded player and sharing options, so drop us a line at prxhelp

We also owe a big thanks to our beta testers who helped us bang away on this over the last month.  Check ’em out:

Todd Melby
and KFAI
Tom Tenney
Tim Lloyd with Harvest Public Media
the Word of Mouth folks at NHPR