Coming soon to PRX: American Routes

There will be fireworks during the 4th of July this year for a special reason: American Routes is coming to PRX.

Host Nick Spitzer and crew have selected PRX to distribute the show.

As I said in the APM announcement about the switch in distributors:

“PRX is a big fan of American Routes and we welcome the opportunity to help guide the show and
stations through this transition and work with Nick and his team to make the most of PRX’s innovative distribution services.”

Many stations pair American Routes with one of our signature PRX programs, Sound Opinions. Sounds good to us! Stations can get some of the details here.

A big thanks to Nick and his NOLA crew for saying ‘yes’ to PRX. We look forward to seeing the series on PRX starting July 6!


Published by

John Barth

Chief Content Officer at PRX