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Emily posted on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 | PRX Remix

REMIX is a growing, hungry creature with a taste for great stories and sound. Recently while tending to her appetite, I discovered something cool. We’re about to hit a milestone! Take a look at the belly of the beast:

With 10 more stories, we’ll hit the big 1000. That’s 1000 brilliant interviews, captivating stories, entertaining podcasts, intriguing interstitials and unusual sound art.

Which bit of radio will bask in the glory of being # 1000?

Stay tuned. Oh — and there’s a prize.

1 Comment to 10 Stories to the Big 1000

February 8, 2011

God. GOD! Gawd. god GODGODGOD. God. god.
(I finally heard that!) God!

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