The Guardian’s Science Weekly will make you love science (again and again)

Science Weekly

Please welcome the first (but not the last) podcast from The Guardian to REMIX Radio: Science Weekly. The program is an accessible and entertaining weekly look at what’s going on the world of science. It’s smart and surprising and I think it’s the best topical science program out there, so I’m thrilled we get to present it to you on the US airwaves.

Here’s the thing I love most about the show: For the Christmas holiday, Science Weekly producer Andy Duckworth went to the Large Hadron Collider at Cern and covered the strange and charming day to day life of the researchers at the facility, using humor and sound in a 20+ minute feature that is a great joy to listen to. A proper doc, through and through. Don’t take my word for it, listen:

Christmas at the Large Hadron Collider:

So, I hear that episode, and I think, That was brilliant, they should let poor Andy get out of the production booth more often! More Andy! More roving reportage!

Then I hear the next episode, and it’s the always brilliant Alok Jha sitting in a studio in London and simply talking to smart people in Antarctica and the US over the phone and it’s awesome. A totally riveting half hour breezes by and I love every minute of it:

Monitoring Climate Change in the Antarctic:

THEN I think, Get back to the studio Andy; you’ve got a job to do! Those interviews don’t just edit themselves!

The next week, a panel of science writers will discuss if the latest “monumental discovery” is all it seems, or if it really deserves those quotes, for irony’s sake.

I figure, if each week I’m convinced that the latest episode is the episode all future episodes should be modeled, then they must be doing something right.

Don’t trust me, just stay tuned.

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