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Hi producers,

We’ve been listening closely to what you want from PRX, and we’re excited about upcoming features to help you share your work far and wide…including embeddable audio players!

We also held our second PRX 101 for Producers last month, and plan on doing another one next quarter. (See notes of what we covered.)

Merry PRXmas,
Member Support & Editorial Associate

Sharing Galore: New Piece Features

A holiday gift from PRX: new features coming soon that will take your pieces into 2011 in sharing style.

Embeddable Widget Audio Player

Opt-into having large or small embeddable widgets that you and others can post on blogs and other websites. (This will be available only to paid PRX members at first.)

The small widget in a WordPress blog

Open Streaming

Currently, only logged-in PRX members can listen to your pieces. We’ll allow you to let non-logged in users listen if you want, like this.

Short URLs

When you publish a piece, you’ll be given a short piece URL perfect for tweeting right away to let the world know it’s live on PRX.

News, Tips & Cool Stuff

This is a big !@#$% deal

Stations need you to fill out your content advisories on your pieces. You should also bleep swear words before uploading to PRX. Have questions about what counts? Ask us.

He’s seen the future…

PRX’s own John Barth shares The State of Radio and where we’re headed, from more collaboration to new platforms to bigger audiences, with a need for more risk-taking and crossing of the “great divide”.

All hail the bunny

January is when we compile our annual list of the most licensed and listened-to pieces on PRX, the Zeitfunk Awards. Get your pieces uploaded by the end of the year to be in the running!


It’s UnFictional

KCRW-Santa Monica’s new program UnFictional highlights work from indie producers, and they get a ton of their content from PRX. They’re looking for documentaries and stories that have a strong narrative. Log into PRX to send the program’s host direct links to your pieces that may fit.

Share your experience

The Association of Independents in Radio and Independent Television Service need indie producers’ perspectives on their short CPB-funded survey.

The survey explores distribution, format, and areas where independents generate income outside of public media and what their prospects may be for the future. The findings will provide the first comprehensive understanding of indie journalists contributing to public radio, television, and online.

Read the FAQ and complete the survey by Dec. 31 at 11 p.m. ET.

Hiring: Full-time reporter

KUOW in Seattle seeks an environmental reporter as part of a CPB-funded Local Journalism Center. Production will include news spots and feature-length reports for multiple platforms including online and broadcast. Learn more and apply by Jan. 5.

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