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June 22, 2010


Hi friend of PRX,

How can it be one day since the solstice and we’re already in the dog days of summer?

Office fights over the air conditioning. Sticky trips home on public transit. Dreams of Antarctica. A nobel for the inventor of A/C? Ice cream as a food group. The true joys of summer.

More lemonade, please,

Pride Month | July 14: Bastille Day | Happy Birthday, Ringo
Plan Ahead | Other Good Stuff

Pride Month 
Put a little GLBT on your frequency

Finding Miles
Sarah Reynolds | 00:27:11
Miles’ parents named him Megan, because he was born in a female body. But Miles never felt like a woman. In this moving story of transformation, Miles shares intimate moments from the audio diary he kept throughout his journey to manhood.

Katie Mingle | 00:07:37
Chicago producer Katie Mingle leans in close to the mic to tell an intimate story about being an outsider and falling in love in Mexico. Ambient street sounds and Mexican music set the scene for this commentary.

June is Pride Month: Find more in our playlist

French Listening 
Bastille Day is July 14

The Magic Tent:
A Celebration of French Language Popular Music

Charles Spira | 00:50:59
You don’t have to be French to take this grand tour of French language popular music! Producer Charles Spira guides you — in English — through music from the 1950s until today. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful melodies and voices singing in actual français.

Don’t Pass This By 
Ringo Starr’s 70th birthday is July 7

New from Paul Ingles, each hour of this two-part special is available as 00:59:00 or 00:54:00.

In Praise of Ringo: His Beatles Drumming
This program features a detailed tour of Ringo’s drumming work with The Beatles. It features samples of Ringo’s best drum songs woven in with archival comments from Ringo and from several drummers who’ve studied his work.

In Praise of Ringo: The Singer
This second hour celebrates the songs Ringo sang as a member of The Beatles, as well as a few from his successful and long-lived solo career. Other musicians, writers and fans add their take of Ringo’s vocal turns.

Plan Ahead 

Other Good Stuff 

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Pride balloons image by C. Chase Taylor.

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