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May 4, 2010

PRX Highlights Documentaries

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What’s the state of documentary journalism? Take a good look at PRX.

We’ve been impressed by some recent station-based, hour-long productions of the highest quality: Hear from Studs Terkel in Working with Studs from Atlantic Public Media; States of Marriage from Vermont Public Radio; Divorced Kid from APM/MPR and the Kent State special below from WKSU. See all recent documentaries here.

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New Voices, Launched | Remembering Kent State | News & Music Picks
Plan Ahead | Other Good Stuff

New Voices, Launched 
State of the Re:Union and Snap Judgment

PRX welcomes two new shows from our Public Radio Talent Quest Winners Al Letson and Glynn Washington. Take a listen — this is the future of public radio!

State of the Re:Union
Things Fall Apart, Our Job Is to Bring Them Back Together

While much of today’s news highlights the divisions that separate us, SOTRU host Al Letson explores the resonating themes, stories, challenges and cultural components that create communities across the country. With a journalistic, documentary-style approach, each hour-long program focuses exclusively on one city or town and features interviews, commentary, recordings, listener-generated letters and music.

Snap Judgment
Storytelling. With a Beat.

Snap Judgment is an hour-long show about the decisions people make that change everything. Host Glynn
Washington takes listeners on a narrative journey — leaping from one person’s frying pan into another person’s fire. Deejay-driven musical delivery, paired with lush sound design, drops listeners into the very heart of what matters.

Remembering Kent State 
40th Anniversary is May 4

Remembering Kent State 1970
Mark Urycki/WKSU | 00:59:34
This award-winning documentary marks the 40th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University in May 1970 — a turning point in the nation’s history that has been called the day the Vietnam War came home. The story is told without a narrator but by eyewitnesses and uses audio recorded over a four-day period in 1970.

Curated Picks for News & Music Stations
Fresh for May

The Future and Fate of Retired Race Horses
WRVO | 00:07:21
“It’s a sweet look at a program for retired racehorses. Turns out they have to be trained and encouraged to just relax into their golden years. Lots of ‘in the field’ sound here…you can almost smell the barn.” – News Curator Naomi Starobin, WSHU

More picks for News Stations

Program 3: Golijov, Telemann, and Beethoven
WDAV | Part of Spoleto Chamber Music Series 2010 | 00:59:00
“Consider this substantial 13-week chamber music series, with one of the country’s finest hosts, as a fitting way to treat and serve your listeners.” – Music Curator David Srebnik, Virtuoso Voices
(This year’s Spoleto Festival begins May 28 in Charleston, SC.)

More picks for Music Stations

Plan Ahead 

Other Good Stuff 

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Original reel image by LEOL30. Al Letson image from State of the Re:Union. Glynn Washington image from Snap Judgment. Purple bulb image by Martin Charbonneau.

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