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April 6, 2010

PRX: Up to Par

Hi friend of PRX,

You like to think you know PRX…for developing iPhone apps, presenting documentaries and programs on a lot of topics, special media projects, and the launch of The Moth.

But we have a confession. The entire staff has been sneaking out to the golf club for the last year, getting in some serious time on the greens. Killer putts. Blistering drives. We can’t stop talking about bogies and eagles. Please, don’t think less of us.

Watch out, Tiger,

Shifting Gears | Taxes and the Economy | Earth Day Goodies
Plan Ahead | Other Good Stuff

Shifting Gears 
A multi-station project from WDET and PRX

PRX has worked with WDET, WUNC, KCUR and Louisville Public Media to produce a FREE two-hour special called Shifting Gears: The Retooling of the U.S. Auto Industry. The programs use interviews and multiple hosts to explore the community impact as auto companies transition during the recession.

Program One
WDET host Craig Fahle looks at the challenge of retraining auto workers; the hopes of an emerging electric truck company near Kansas City; and how a fresh political lineup on Capitol Hill is already changing the fortunes of the auto industry.

Program Two
WDET host Craig Fahle and The Story’s Dick Gordon look at the South as the new home of the U.S. auto industry with its social and labor implications. Host Julie Kredens looks at the prospects of two Louisville vehicle plants and their effect on wages. Finally, where auto designers think consumers want to go.

Need help getting the show? Contact Jody Evans.

Taxes and the Economy 
History and new perspectives

Paying Up: A History of Taxation
BackStory with the American History Guys | 00:54:00
From the Stamp Act of 1765 to the Tea Party Movement of 2010, how have our attitudes about taxation changed over time? Join the History Guys as they explore the tension between the necessity of paying for government and that nagging feeling that we’re being robbed by it.

Series: The Depreciating American Dream
Curt Nickisch/WBUR | series of four drop-ins
Through a series of personal case studies of homeowners and renters, WBUR’s Business Reporter Curt Nickisch takes a hard look at the popular conceptions concerning housing, and the new calculus facing people today as they decide how — and in what sort of home — they want to live.

Celebrate Earth Day
April 22

The Energy Revolution
Spectrum Radio | 00:58:57
Explore emerging renewable energy resource technologies and the creative personalities behind those advances. Listeners will meet a wind power expert from Brussels, visit the world’s largest solar tower in Seville and hear reports on a wide range of green technologies being developed around the U.S.

More earthy pieces of all lengths

Plan Ahead 

Other Good Stuff 

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Original golf image by Wojciech Kulicki. Stamp Act image from 1765. Earth Day image by Patrick Boury.

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