“Distro Dancing” AIRblast on PRX

PRX producer extraordinaire Barrett Golding takes a long look at PRX and PRSS Content Depot’s distribution services for producers in the most recent AIRblast newsletter.

Barrett gets into the nitty gritty of explaining PRX points, the comparative costs and benefits of distributing via PRX and PRSS, and some direct testimony from our users:

Producer Nancy Solomon recently posted her first piece on PRX: “The interface works great; I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. Their help desk was super helpful and easy to get a hold of. I like the way the page looks; I like the way it’s laid out and the flexibility the format gives you to put both segments and whole pieces up. I was also amazed and pleased at how accessible John Barth was to talk about how best to promote the show.”

Well said! The article also points out that PRX and Content Depot don’t solve the deeper issues of funding for indie production in public radio – something AIR is trying to address through projects like MQ2 and other efforts.

We’re proud that PRX has paid out over $1 million in royalties to producers since 2004, and we’re constantly increasing distribution and revenue opportunities across PRX services, but also recognize that this does not (yet) help commission or acquire original work at a time when other sources of funding for independents are hard to come by.

PRX is working on an idea called Story Market (now in the running for the Knight News Challenge) that could be one creative approach, along the lines of another site we admire called Spot.Us.

Stay tuned! Meantime, check out Barrett’s piece in AIRblast.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Jake. Nice post. Barrett has written “part 2” to this feature which will be published on April 5th. He goes a bit deeper inside both platforms with more producer + gatekeeper interview… he’s done a great job laying things out. The piece will be in our AIRblast, and non-subscribers can get on board by sending a request to lo@airmedia.org

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