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Hi PRX producer,

We’re only a month into 2010 and we already have some exciting things to report.

Fourth quarter royalties in 2009 were the highest ever: $47,110 were earned by producers and stations. Checks are on the way.

We have gathered the stats for our Zeitfunk Awards — our annual list of the most licensed PRX pieces and producers — and are excitedly compiling the results. We’ll be announcing the winners in February.

Plus, we have a new Twitter feed featuring PRX producers’ work.

Here’s to more good things in 2010!

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We tweet, you listen to great stuff
Follow our daily staff-picked tweet of something cool on PRX.

This American Life back in iTunes
TAL’s entire archive of nearly 400 episodes is again available in the iTunes Store, this time thanks to PRX. We are thrilled to wield our powers as a direct-to-iTunes distributor, and…

PRX producers are in iTunes, too!
Peruse the albums and give your fellow producers some love by buying, reviewing and sharing with friends. We have a small staff and are not looking for more album pitches at the moment, but we’re excited about where this could lead.

Almost here: carriage spreadsheets
PRX 3.10 will include downloadable CSV files of carriage information that you can use in Excel. When you talk with stations remind them that it is important to fill out carriage.

Got a good podcast?
We’re curating audio podcasts for Miro, a non-profit website and application that aggregates and organizes podcasts. PRXer Emily Corwin is heading the curation, and she’s open to suggestions. Send her your podcast feed — she’ll have a listen and bring the best to the top.

Radio Matters

Ever wonder if radio has an impact now or where it’s going in the future? Check out these great links from our pals:

New on Transom: “Kidnap Radio”
Producer Annie Correal’s father was kidnapped in Colombia in 1999, and her family used the radio program “Voices of Kidnapping” to deliver messages with the hope that he would hear them in captivity — and he did.

In Kidnap Radio, Annie shares her story and those of others who continue to use the radio to reach out to their kidnapped loved ones.

A word from AIR: “We Can Because You Do”
Sue Schardt, Executive Director of the Association of Independents in radio, breaks down public radio in dollars and cents and shares what she sees in the future for producers:

“The change underway is happening at the level of craft. The transformation of media is being driven from the bottom up, by individual producers — working independently and at organizations across the country — learning the new tools, adapting their practice, and inventing new ways to tell stories and spread their work. Our job is to recognize them, get them what they need, then step out of the way and let them lead us to the ‘new public media’ so many are speaking of.”

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2 thoughts on “Sync: Producer royalties, radio matters and PRX on iTunes”

  1. I noticed the American Life is back on iTunes More is Less one of the albums in the series is interesting especially the part about the rising health care costs during the Bush administrations.

  2. “Ever wonder if radio has an impact now or where it’s going in the future?” It absolutely has a great future in my opinion. It gives me the feeling not to be alone when I am drving in a car. Allthough my car has an ipod docking station I prefer radio.

    Many of my friends told me the same and rather listen to their favorite radio station than to a CD.

    Denise Koch, Munich
    Author at Learning Linux

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