PRX Hiring: Junior Producer for Remix

This is a great opportunity to work with PRX as part of a collaboration with our friends at the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) on our Remix project.Black Public Media

Remix is our emerging channel showcasing new voices, exceptional stories and compelling content from the PRX catalog and beyond. It’s currently running nationwide on XM Satellite Radio Channel 136, and will soon be available as an Internet, mobile, HD and broadcast service for public radio.

Remix is also a place for PRX to explore new partnerships and collab
oration, and we’re excited to work with NBPC and their web venture Black Public Media. You can hear a sample hour on the Remix blog.

Here’s an excerpt of the job description, click for the full description and application. The position is based in Harlem, New York at the NBPC offices, with some visits to the PRX headquarters here in Cambridge, MA.

The National Black Programming Consortium and Public Radio Exchange (PRX) currently have a position open for a junior producer who will primarily be in charge of producing audio segments published online and on the public spectrum of the XM Satellite stream managed by PRX known as Remix Radio.

This is a one-year contract part-time position based in Harlem, New York at the NBPC offices but involving responsibilities and deliverables both to NBPC and PRX via telecommute/virtual collaboration. The position also involves limited travel to some locations for training and partnership building purposes.

The right candidate for this position should have a Bachelor’s in Communications, Journalism, or film and audio production, and be available for at least 20 hours of weekly commitment.

The following are some of the responsibilities of this position:

• Producing twelve (12) original, national distribution quality audio pieces based on NBPC content. (Cut, Edit, and Mix on Pro Tools).
• Develop editorial criteria for the episodes.
• Create sound rich PRX: Remix Radio station IDs and promos.
• Search and audition pieces in the PRX catalog for potential inclusion in episodes.
• Identify and evaluate pieces for broadcast and negotiate licensing terms with content producers.
• Write intros and outros for pieces that require announcing or additional context.
• Convert and edit pieces as needed to fit Remix Radio/XM Satellite format.
• Upload and update server with new pieces and the latest episodes. (Also update the and websites with new episodes).
• Maintain rotation priorities and manage playlists on XM server.
• Update the and blog.
• Organize regular check-ins and updates between PRX and NBPC.
• Additional tasks as assigned by the PRX and NBPC project supervisors.

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