FluPortal.org: A Toolkit for Covering H1N1

At FluPortal.org, H1N1 information and Web tools are assembled in one place to help public radio and television stations cover the pandemic. Funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, it’s one of several projects going on right now at PRX.

The update below was sent to the public media system (including many of you) as well as government and public health organizations across the country.

New at FluPortal: NPR Flu Map, Web Tools, Facebook

FluPortal graphicAs winter approaches, the H1N1 flu virus still has a strong presence across the United States. FluPortal is here to help public media cover the pandemic’s many angles. We have more resources than ever for newsrooms and web departments.

Please visit FluPortal.org regularly, and subscribe to our blog for updates on the latest site features, public media coverage, and ideas from across the system. Some highlights:

+ Interactive Flu Map. NPR has worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to design an interactive U.S. map of flu-like illness. Public media outlets are invited to embed this map on their websites. NPR updates the map each week with the latest CDC data, and those changes automatically appear in the embedded version. Get the map at FluPortal.org.

+ Get Started Guides. Public radio and public television websites can be H1N1 destinations for their communities. We’ve created guides to free web tools for all levels of technical expertise. Get a web page up fast with the “Quick” guide. Go a little further with the “Easy” guide. The “Go Big” guide is for advanced technology managers. For examples of other stations’ flu-related websites, see our Public Media Coverage page.

+ Using Facebook. We regularly post new guides in our For Station Websites section. The latest: ways to use Facebook to keep your community informed, find new sources, and enhance your own websites. Learn more.

+ FluPortal Blog. Get the latest developments and reporting from public media, government, and non-government groups, as well as ideas and sources for covering H1N1. Contributors include Flu.gov’s head of social media, APM’s Public Insight Network, PRI’s The World, a street artist in Brazil, and several public radio and television stations. Read the blog.

+ Contact Us. Have a question about FluPortal? Need help implementing a web tool or finding editorial information? Want to write a guest blog post, or have your station’s coverage featured on the site? Let us know.

As the swine flu evolves, so does FluPortal. Check back regularly for new information, and subscribe to our blog. We’ll be holding another webinar in January, and we’ll keep you posted.

Learn more about the project on our About page.


The FluPortal Team: Rekha Murthy, Josh Andrews, Katherine Bidwell, Ken Mills