Fresh Greens: Teens and the Environment

Fresh Greens: Teens & the Environment has arrived. The new collaboration from New Hampshire Public Radio, Terrascope Youth Radio and Generation PRX features stories from young people that consider what it means to think about our daily impact on the planet.

Fresh GreensAnd what does it mean to be green? Listen to Fresh Greens and youth producers will tell you: It’s owning up to being an “energy brat” in the context of immigration, noticing how corn syrup shows up in all your favorite snacks, or facing environmental activism on your own terms. Featuring stories from teens across the country and an interview with Special Advisor to the White House Council on Environmental Quality Van Jones, Fresh Greens is a different kind of environmental radio.

Listen on PRX, then leave a comment, share it, or buy it for your station. You can also meet the producers on NHPR.

Produced by Kelly Horan and hosted by Hichem Hadjeres and Manon Bonnet of Terrascope Youth Radio, Fresh Greens features stories from across the wide world of youth radio: Terrascope Youth Radio (Cambridge, MA), Youth Radio (Oakland, CA), Youth Spin (Austin, TX), Blunt Youth Radio (Portland, ME), OutLoud Radio (San Francisco, CA) and Alaska Teen Media Institute (Anchorage, AK).