Sync: What Stations Want and Promoting Your Audio

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Hi PRX Producer,

Surviving and thriving as a producer in this recession is harder than ever. Stations are paradoxically even more picky and hungry for great radio.

This month, we share details about making your pieces attractive to stations and promoting your work on PRX and elsewhere online. Plus, get tips on “funding your bliss” from producer Dmae Roberts.

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What Stations Want

We keep a complete list of what stations are buying (also on Twitter). Following the rules below will help increase the chances that your work will get purchased, too.

Relevance:  Timeliness, tonal “fit,” technical excellence, topicality.

Care:  Be sure that your piece can be played for Mom without her spilling her coffee. The FCC is more vigilant than ever and the average age for public radio listening is late 40s to early 50s — so, think about that when you choose your words. Use the content advisory field when you post a piece on PRX!

Originality:  Some stations are looking for new sounds, new voices, new approaches. For example, Nate DiMeo’s podcast series The Memory Palace found a home on major market station KUT in Austin.

Programmatics:  Can your pieces — even the best ones — fit the way stations program? A 62-minute program will have a hard time finding a home; so will one that runs 22 minutes. Look at programming clocks. Also, make it easy for stations to use your pieces: remove recorded intros, use plain outcues without station IDs, etc.

Finally, what matters most, perhaps, is listening to stations on which you’d like your work to air, then building relationships with people there. And you can reach those folks through PRX!

Self-Promotion: Be Shameless

Make Your Portfolio
Showcase your best audio on your PRX profile.

Plant a Million Seeds Online
Our Promoting Your Work guide gets really specific and has tips from fellow producers.

Do you have mortgage crisis stories?
Roughly 77 public TV and radio stations are collaborating on a huge project to engage audiences on the mortgage crisis. If you have solid stories, profiles, raw audio, docs, or smart commentary, post it, let us know, and we’ll do our part to alert stations.

Funding Your Bliss

Award-winning producer and veteran PRX member Dmae Roberts recently began Funding Your Bliss, sharing her grant-writing experiences and insight into getting funding for your projects:

“For me ‘funding my bliss’ isn’t a 9-5, five day a week job. I don’t even consider it a job. It’s my lifestyle, my calling and my passion. It requires creativity and planning to match your passions, your talent with a certain business sense in order to fund it.”

Browse Dmae’s tips on writing a winning grant proposal, coping with rejection and more.

Hear Dmae’s work on PRX.