You’re invited: PRX Producer Tips & More

Below is the first issue of Sync, our new PRX producer newsletter. Sign up to receive the next monthly issue in your email.

Dear PRX Producer,

Welcome to Sync, our new monthly PRX producer newsletter. We wanted you to get a first look and hear your feedback.

The goal of this newsletter is to make PRX more useful and helpful to producers. We also want to let you know about opportunities, collaborations, and other audio-related goodness that might open up more doors for you.

Have a suggestion of a topic you’d like us to cover? Feel free to reply to this email. Thanks for using PRX and stay tuned!

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Learn a New Trick, Quick

PRX Pointers
How pieces get onto on the home page
Share pieces on Facebook
Create an attention-grabbing piece page

Get Licensed
Make your pieces searchable and station-friendly and promote yourself on PRX.

Get Featured
How we choose what goes in our date-pegged playlists.

Manage Your Moolah
Answers to common questions about your royalty checks.

Got Great Audio?

Third Coastin’
The annual TCF/RHDF Competition “honors the most creative and compelling audio work being produced worldwide.” Entry deadline is July 10.

Listen to past Third Coast winners on PRX.

Economy Collaboration
We’re looking for radio pieces, essays, and local coverage of the fragile economy. PRX is part of a new Economy Collaboration and our goal is to archive, present, curate, and distribute some of your great work on this topic. Timely, for sure. If you’ve got it, post to PRX! More details coming soon.

Get Zeitfunky!

Our annual Zeitfunk Awards honor the top-selling PRX members and pieces, including seasoned and debut PRX producers.

Zeitfunk is also a great resource of what’s selling and who’s buying it on PRX.

Mooooooo: More fun trophies at the Virtual Awards Ceremony!

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