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May 12, 2009


Hi friend of PRX,

Ouch. For those who swear by the benefits of tiny, sharp needles being poked in your body to relieve pain, a new study says people get the same benefits by using toothpicks instead.

No such psychosomatic tricks with PRX, thank you very much: just real, honest-to-goodness radio and lots of choices. PRX — the best cure for dull listening.

This won’t hurt a bit…

Third Coast Competition Now Open | Memorial Day | Music & News Station Picks
Plan Ahead | Other Good Stuff

Time to Enter the Third Coast Competition! 
Calling all producers

The 2009 Third Coast Festival Competition is ON! Have you entered?
PRX is working with Third Coast to make it easier for you to enter your audio. Check out the guidelines and the awards.

Great pieces from past Third Coast Competition Winners

Remembering Our Soldiers 
Memorial Day is May 25

World War One Living History Project
Treehouse Productions | 01:55:54
Walter Cronkite hosts this program honoring the sacrifices of America’s last surviving WWI veterans.

The Cost of War
Blunt Youth Radio Project | 00:07:45
Weeks after S. Spencer Scott interviewed Lavinia Gelineau about the loss of her husband Chris, a young soldier in Iraq, Lavinia was murdered by her abusive father.

More for Memorial Day

Music and News Stations: Hand-Picked Ideas
Our curators make your programming easy

Snap Judgment: Magic Doors
Glynn Washington, Public Radio Talent Quest Winner | 00:59:00
A worldwide journey of inexplicable forces and decisions that change everything. “This one’s like getting on an amusement park ride that grabs your attention right from the get-go and doesn’t let go.” – News Curator Naomi Starobin, WSHU

More of Naomi’s picks for news stations

Benny Goodman: A Centennial Celebration
Bob Studebaker and Helen Wigger | 00:58:59
“Celebrating the 100-year anniversary of Benny Goodman’s birth [May 30], this is an entertaining and engaging look back at the King of Swing, and Benny Goodman the musical and social innovator.” – Music Curator David Srebnik, Virtuoso Voices

More of David’s selections for music stations

Plan Ahead 

Other Good Stuff 

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2 thoughts on “PinPRX”

  1. I am looking for a B Side Radio piece about a kid trying to turn his life around and stop stealing after hearing his mom cry on the phone. In the piece he interviews/talks with a social worker. I am trying to find a piece by a sister talking to her brother and his friends about him giving up his youth at age 13 to dedicate himself to the trumpet. I discovered prx channel 136 on XM radio last week and I’m addicted the only problem– a big one for me. I listen in my car hear something fascinating (can’t write anything down) then get home want go online and listen to it again or share it with someone. I cannot. I have never been able to find a single thing — I tried searching I tried searching the xm site. I tried googling for what I think I can recall as key words in the piece I heard. I tried searching for one piece by “B Side Radio” because that was given credit on air. For another I Tried “This American Life” because that was source. I really think I’d have better luck if there was a way to search archives by day and time or if I could post to a forum and ask someone.

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