Quick, Fast, Rapid, Speedy and Swift – Introducing PRX.org version 3.5

We’ve been listening and once again our Tech Director Andrew and Developer Dan have worked their magic to improve the performance of PRX.org. A big undertaking was researching, designing and implementing a complete Data Warehouse, which isn’t a trivial task, to speed up a number of the areas of the site that we use for providing reports and analytics back to listeners, producers and stations.

Another area that we paid close attention to was improving search. Search is a big, difficult topic, Google spends vast amounts of money on the problem. We’re not Google but we do the best we can with our search tool Solr. We spent time tweaking the user interface so results are easier to scan, improved people searching results (NOTE: We’re still finishing up indexing all the people on the site so results might be inconsistent over the next day or so.), and overall made 20+ changes to the search system.

We’re already in the development phase of PRX.org 3.6 which has over 30 new features, improvements to old ones and regular old bug fixes. So keep in touch and let us know how we can help.


3 thoughts on “Quick, Fast, Rapid, Speedy and Swift – Introducing PRX.org version 3.5”

  1. So, what’s up with XM 136?
    Could you at least loop the two sample hours, instead of just Hour 2? At least everytime I tune in, it’s Hour 2, and it’s a wonderful hour of radio, but I almost know the words by heart:
    “When Rome & Net-Net first met…”

    Better yet, when can we expect to hear something new (even if it’s just Sample Hour 3) on XM 136?

  2. Hi Johnathan,

    Thanks for your interest in our XM channel. We will be announcing an update this week.

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