Getting the most out of

Introducing PRX Pointers — quick overviews of part of the new PRX site to help you get the most out of your PRX experience (PRXperience?).

Take a look at the first two Pointers:

  1. Finding Pieces on the Home Page explains how pieces get featured and where to find great stuff to listen to
  2. Sharing Pieces shows you how to share great PRX pieces on Facebook and other sites

Stay tuned for more Pointers. We will announce them in the blog and on the home page, and an archive will be available soon in our help section.

2 thoughts on “Getting the most out of”

  1. I’d like more categories. You have Women, Lesbian & Gay, African American — but there’s no catagory for disabilities or for other ethnic/cultural groups.

    Maybe, if a huge “cloud” is burdensome, some items within a “cloud” could direct to a secondary “cloud.”

    Example: “People of Color” could lead to a “cloud” of ethnicities. “Religious” could lead to a “cloud” of spiritualities.

  2. Hi Rogi,

    Thanks for the suggestion! We may update the choices in the future, but for now we actually do have “Latino” and “Native” as choices in addition to the ones you mentioned. There’s also a place for you to add your own tags when you create or edit pieces: Additional Tags.

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