Whither the PRX Podcast?

The original PRX Podcast, produced by long-time PRXer Adrianne, is on hiatus at the moment. But, we have other podcasts you should check out:

  • SaltCast, a bi-weekly podcast on radio storytelling produced by the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies (salt.edu) and PRX.
  • YouthCast, from generation.prx.org, a project of PRX to support, connect and distribute youth-produced radio.
  • Nature Stories, a weekly podcast on the natural world, curated by Atlantic Public Media, and sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and PRX.
  • Podcasts by Members, a whole page of PRX-member podcasts on topics from history to journalism to outdoor recreation.

12 thoughts on “Whither the PRX Podcast?”

  1. Why isn’t there any info about the new PRX channel on XM Radio 136? It’s the next best thing to Bob Edwards! ๐Ÿ˜€

    At the very least, you should be mentioning it on your website. Ideally, you could let us know when it will launch, or at least when to look for new sample hours.

    I’m glad XM chose PRX, it reflects well on both. Hopefully, PRX is representative of the quality programming that will be offered by all Public Interest channels.

  2. Hey Jonathan —

    Thanks for your interest in our XM channel! Here’s a response from PRX Executive Director, Jake:

    “We’ll be adding a few hours over the next week or two, and then a fuller schedule next month. A public announcement should be posted by XM and on our site soon explaining more of what we have in store. Should be very fun indeed! Thanks for dropping us a line.”

  3. I too await hearing a full schedule on XM 136

    I hope we can learn more about plans and impediments. This will be a treasure to XM-Sirius listeners!

  4. I am enjoying listening to PRX on my Stiletto 2 through Sirius Internet Radio. Can you please put a schedule for PRX. I can’t find it anywhere. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  5. PRX is constantly riveting. It is exactly the kind of programming that could draw HUGE numbers back to radio.
    I wish a full schedule were available.
    Question: I listened to a piece on teaching music (in this case, Chopin) by Andrew (need the last name) in the middle of Saturday night; I would like to use it as a teaching tool. Can you give me the program name and i.d. the excellent composer/teacher/presenter?

  6. Hi Canny,

    Glad you like our programming! You’re referring to our XM channel, correct?

    If you want to email us so we have your info, we can pass it along to the person who curates our XM channel, and he’ll probably be able to tell you what piece it was.

  7. Hi,there…I signed up for membership, hoping to download episodes from the Moth and/or PRX. I am getting pop ups that tell me I need Adobe flash. Why??

    I just want audio from a radio show, er…don’t I? Please help!

    I’m on an iPad 2 and running iOS 5.

    Thanks, merci, Janis

  8. Hi Janis,

    Thanks for your interest in The Moth Radio Hour. The Radio Hours are not available for download right now, but you can listen to them streaming from prx.org/themoth.

    They don’t currently work on mobile devices b/c of Flash, but we are soon going to have an audio player that will work on mobile devices, so definitely check back.

    In the meantime (or just in general!), if you want downloadable Moth stories, head to iTunes to get the Moth podcast, which is weekly.

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