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February 24, 2009

PRX Visible from Space

Hi friend of PRX,

Ancient history was turned on its head this week when the latest version of Google Earth revealed the existence of the missing city of PRX on the ocean floor.

Researchers say that when Atlantis disappeared, PRX was rumored to have risen in its place. “Now we have some proof!” said oceanographer Robert Ballard.

Sounds good to me!

Women’s History Month | Fundraising Soundbank | The Vanishing Middle Class

Plan Ahead | Other Good Stuff

March is Women’s History Month 
Start programming now

Feminist Poets
New Letters on the Air | 00:30:26
A tribute to the feminist poets of the last century who opened doors for a vast number of talented women writers published today.

Discovering Hildegard
WFIU | 00:58:56
Explore the life and continuing popular appeal of medieval Abbess, composer, and mystic Hildegard von Bingen.

Hear more for Women’s History Month.

Fundraising Soundbank 
Ready-to-air and sample fundraising pieces for news and music stations
Curated by former PD Ingrid Lakey

What Music Means to Me
This I Believe | 00:01:30
Composer Joan Tower touches on the core values of classical music listeners in this ready-to-air piece.

Making Radio Locally
WNYC | 00:01:50
Get ideas from this sample piece, which highlights local WNYC programs and presents public radio as a community of producers and listeners.

Hear more ready-to-air and sample fundraising pieces.

The Vanishing Middle Class 
New documentary

The Vanishing Middle Class
WBUR | 00:58:22
Veteran NPR correspondent Anthony Brooks brings us stories of real families struggling to hold onto the American dream.

Hear more on the economy.

Plan Ahead 

Other Good Stuff 

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Virginia Woolf image by George Charles Beresford. Money image by dolphinsdock. House image by Lewis Cressell.

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