More fixes for

We cranked out another release to on Saturday night and there are over 60 improvements and fixes included. We’re listening and reviewing each and every item that you report to us so please check the list for fixes and improvements you’ve requested.

Some highlights:

  • Faster, faster, faster – Andrew has tweaked even more site performance out of the website.
  • Thanks to Dan, Andrew and Nathan search is working much better – searching for “Quirks and Quarks” or “Love & Radio” now returns all the results. Also searching for producer names will return all the pieces for those producers.
  • Pieces are now sorted most recently published first for tones, topics and formats.
  • When your streaming audio isn’t ready we now display a message on the piece page which informs people that the file isn’t ready but that they should check back soon.
  • Migrated user profiles now is using the 2.0 bio field
  • Removing a station member from a station is now working
  • Royalty links working for 3rd quarter
  • The list to a users comments now shows all of the comments not a subset.

If you are still encountering issues with using the site please email help [at] prx [dot] org – we are tracking and responding to every report.

In the meantime we’re continuing to work day and night on improving the site, and appreciate your patience and support.

3 thoughts on “More fixes for”

  1. Hi there! It’s probably just me, but I’m having trouble uploading images to my pieces. The image uploads, but it’s always very large and pixillated — didn’t used to happen this way. I tried shrinking picture on my desktop and re-uploading, but no good.

    Any ideas?

  2. Hi Sarah,

    We’re releasing a fix for the photos in about two weeks. For now, I suggest using square photos that are about 240px wide.

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